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Robert's Vision

Integrity, professionalism and knowledge are the basic principles to which I adhere. I place a great deal of emphasis on providing superior service to each and every one of my clients regardless of the size of the transaction. The purchase of any home or property represents not only one of the largest and most significant investments a person can make, but also a decision that affects the entire life of a family. It should be handled with all the care and attention such a significant transaction deserves.

Each client has different requirements and I have the "can do" attitude combined with the expertise to accomplish your goals. I interview every prospective client and in turn, I too am interviewed by them. This process insures that we walk away from the table with a clear understanding of what we intend to achieve together.

From buyers and sellers to developers and investors, my clientele is as diverse as the menu of services I offer, yet the common thread is an innovative approach that stresses quality and expertise in every stage of a real estate venture.

Ultimately, you may rest assure that I never forget my reputation depends on your satisfaction.

In the future, I hope we may meet and have the opportunity to see what kind of doors we can open together.

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Robert Taylor - Luxury Properties - Testimonials

What Our
Clients Say

  • Realtor Robert Taylor has been known to me since 1980 both as a business associate and friend. Our continued relationship was and is founded upon his personal and moral ethics and integrity. Mr. Taylor exemplifies "His word is his bond". Our business relationship involved extensive finance in his trust. His professional performance as a licensee of the Department of Real Estate of California and Federal licensee of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. were involved, he continues these responsibilities with my complete trust and recommendation.


  • I walked into Robert’s office and described what I was looking for and he politely told me my architectural design would be quite difficult to duplicate given the location I preferred but said he would make inquiries to his extensive network. Very shortly thereafter a friend of Robert’s contacted him of such a property but quantified it was not on the market. Robert contacted the owner on my behalf and subsequently arranged for us to meet. After meeting, the owner stated a price, I agreed to purchase and the transaction was consummated that same day. Robert Taylor is the consummate professional and I highly recommend him.

    Scott G.

  • Robert has been representing my trust for twenty (20) plus years and has always performed even to the extent of delivering a nine property 1031 IRC Exchange. He has represented me and my trust in fifteen transactions and has proven time and time again what superior representation is supposed to be. Should you need an in-depth, responsible broker there is no one I find more knowledgeable or trustworthy than Robert.

    JOHN P.

  • After being solicited by the " WHO'S WHO" of real estate, I decided to allow Robert Taylor to represent me as he came highly recommended. I could not be more satisfied. He chose the buyer and flawlessly executed the sale of my bay front estate. Should you have a high-end property and need to be exposed to the most qualified buyers Robert Taylor is the person you should contact.

    JOHN M

  • Robert Taylor has represented me and my family for twenty years or more, and he always delivered on his promise. We had twelve transactions through him, of which some were for investment, thereby using a 1031 IRC Exchange as the vehicle, and were quite pleased with his performance. Should you need a hands-on broker who looks out for your best interests Robert Taylor is by far the best choice.


  • Robert Taylor represented me in the acquisition of my bay front estate. His negotiating skills are quite remarkable as he charts a course and does not get distracted during the process. Knowing what to do everyone knows but when to do it, that’s where the true negotiations begin. Having Robert Taylor on your side of the table gives you a very definite advantage.

    Spencer C.

  • Robert was referred to me by a dear friend to handle my mother’s estate. I had three brothers and the estate was quite substantial so to get someone to represent all four of us equally was not easy. We all agreed to meet with Robert and as a group found him to be quite cordial but more importantly knowledgeable in handling a probate estate. I have subsequently used Robert in four transactions and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking the very best representation.

    ANN G.

  • Playing in the NFL, I didn’t have much time to shop for a real estate agent and Robert was introduced to me by a friend. He sold my oceanfront property to an absentee buyer and I am forever grateful for the introduction. We continue to be friends thirty plus years later.

    Jim C.

  • I retired from the NBA and decided Newport Beach, CA. was where my wife and I wanted to live. I met Robert at an open house and he explained the dynamics of oceanfront living and how privacy was not to be to someone recognizable. He recommended a gated community where we bought and continue our friendship twenty five years later.

    Michael C.

  • Major League Baseball is a long grinding season and to find a realtor to represent me seemed impossible when I ran into Robert. I explained what I was looking for and he had a friend who owned a property that met my description and he made arrangements to meet and we ended up buying the property. Robert by far is a true professional and I highly recommend him to anyone.

    Tim S.


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