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Questions to Ask a Realtor before Hiring Them


Working with the right real estate agent is crucial when buying or selling a home. That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions if you want to determine if an agent is right for you and the job at hand.

  1. How long have you been a real estate agent?

    Having an experienced real estate agent handle things for you can make a huge difference in your real estate transaction. An experienced agent is sure to be familiar with the ins and outs of the real estate process. Having a seasoned agent represent you ensures that you’ll have someone in your corner who knows what to do even in the most challenging situations (especially during negotiations) and which mistakes to avoid.

  2. What areas do you specialize in?

    Neighborhood expertise is a must. Since each community differs in terms of population, types of homes, school ratings, transportation, and distance to the downtown area, it’s important for your real estate agent to be an expert in the area you are planning to buy into or sell in.

    Aside from knowing the neighborhood well, your real estate agent must also be an expert in the local market as a whole. Home values, market trends, and the current inventory as well as sold listings are just some of the things that your agent should be aware of.

  3. How many homes have you sold in the neighborhood?

    Choosing a real estate agent with a good track record is a plus. The number of homes your agent has sold can tell you how much experience they have. Ask about their last three sales. When was their most recent sale? Can you take a look at their closed MLS listings from past transactions? Has the real estate agent sold any homes that are similar to yours? When looking at their past listings, observe the quality of the photos, the number of days the property was on the market, and the final sale price.

  4. How will you communicate with me?

    Communication is key to a successful real estate transaction. Before committing to an agent, know their preferred method of communication. Will they contact you through email, text, or calls? Or are they flexible with their communication style?

    Since you need to be updated regularly about any new information, it’s also important to know how often the agent will be keeping in touch with you.

  5. Can I see your references?

    Talking with past clients can give you a clearer idea of what their experience was with the agent. What was the working relationship good, and were they happy with the real estate service provided? How did the agent communicate with the past client? Would they recommend the agent to friends and family? Would they hire them again?

  6. What sets you apart from other real estate agents?

    A good real estate agent can offer something unique that makes them the better option. What are the values that set them apart from other real estate agents? How can their experience, skills, and values help you in buying or selling your home? Having a potential agent answer this question can give you a better idea of how hiring the agent can impact on your real estate goals.

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