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Historic Churches Around Houses for Sale in Charleston, SC

Charleston is often called the “Holy City” in South Carolina because of its rich steeples and spires of historic churches. These stunning buildings inspire millions of visitors every year, and can be one of the many reasons why you would want to look for houses for sale in Charleston, SC.

If you are fascinated about history and architecture, looking for vacation properties and luxury homes for sale in Charleston, SC can be your most exciting journey. To help you get started, here are some of the must-see historic churches in the city that are worth checking out before you decide to give the Holy City a visit:

Central Baptist Church
Central Baptist Church was built in 1893. This church is believed to be one of the first black churches founded and built by African Americans in Charleston. It is built with a Carpenter Gothic stylewhich can be seen withits semicircular apse with Gothic arch, original galleries and pews, and hand-painted murals that depict the life of Christ.

Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim
Built in 1840, this church is the country’s second oldest synagogue and the oldest in continuous use. The church was built by the congregation of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, which is now the nation’s fourth oldest Jewish community. Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim features a full Greek temple front with fluted Doric columns supporting a gable pediment.

St. John’s Lutheran Church
Dedicated in 1818, St. John’s Lutheran Church is the “mother church” of Lutheranism in South Carolina. This house of worship features a Greek Revival style. It has notable features that include the Federal and Baroque elements of the rectangular, stuccoed brick building. The church also features the Italianate steeple with a bell-shaped roof.

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church
St. Michael’s Episcopal Church was built between 1752 and 1761. While this church is considered the oldest church in Charleston, it continues to be a major city landmark today. People love its notable features including its portico and three-sided second story gallery and native cedar box-pews.

St. Philip’s Church
St. Philip’s Church houses the congregation formed by Charles Town colonists. Its graveyard is home to many prominent people including colonial Governors, bishops, and a former Vice President of the United States. The view of churches remains one of the most photographed spots in Charleston. It has three separate Tuscan porticoes, Roman columns and entablatures, as well as high Corinthian arcades and a chancel.

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