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Buying/Selling 101: Dealing with A Realtor in Charleston, SC

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, one of the first steps you need to take is to find a real estate agent to help you work through the process. Real estate transactions are a tricky affair that is why working with a professional realtor is certainly an invaluable asset.
If you are a seller, your realtor serves as your representative and should promise you to get the most out of a sale. On the other hand, if you are a buyer, your real estate agent is expected to find you your dream property at the best deal possible.

With several real estate agencies operating all over the state, qualified realtors surely are a dime a dozen. In fact, you can check online to look for a realtor in Charleston, SC, and find a plethora of options. If you’re looking for a realtor in Mount Pleasant, SC, there are also hundreds of them with a wide knowledge of the local real estate market.

Unfortunately, not all agents are equal. So make sure you know exactly where you stand when working with a real estate agent. These simple tips can help you get the most out of your realtor.

For Sellers

  1. Set your rules and expectations.
    To avoid confusion further down the line, you need to be clear about your exact needs and expectations with your realtor from day one. This way, your real estate agent can get a better understanding of your unique needs and requirements. In turn, they will be able to provide a service that is tailored to your standards and will get your property sold within your time frame, at the best possible price.
  2. Get an accurate valuation for a property.
    While you have a price in mind, it is still best to ask your realtor for a quote on the market value of your property. A comparative market analysis can be helpful to see how your home sells when compared to similar properties for sale in your area. Your agent can also conduct property inspections to see if there are renovations that could be done to increase the value of your property.
  3. Get updates.
    Getting a realtor means trusting this person to handle and manage all your real estate transactions on your behalf. However, this does not mean that your communication ends as soon as you’ve signed a contract.Ask your realtor to provide you with up-to-date data detailing the progress they have made in marketing your property. This may include the number of prospective buyers they have already made contact with, offers made by potential buyers, and other useful information you need to know about your ongoing deal.

For Buyers

  1. Define your needs and budget.
    Your real estate agent should help you find the exact home you want that is right within your budget. Hence, let your realtor know what specifically you are looking for in a home, your price points, and your needs. This is best done so you don’t end up running around looking at homes that you’re not interested in.
  2. Ask questions.
    Especially if you are a first-time buyer, do not be afraid to ask your realtor lots of questions. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life so you want to be sure you understand the process inside and out. It is best that you always get insights from a professional who knows the ebbs and tides of the market so you can make an informed buying decision.
  3. Get into negotiations.
    A good real estate agent should know how to effectively negotiate to get you the best possible deal on your dream house. While you have a budget set for your purchase, ask your realtor the best initial offer you can give as they analyze the value of the property you’re looking to buy. After all, your real estate agent should help you find the best property that is worth your purchase.

Find a Realtor Near You

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